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Infor 10x Upgrades – Your Questions Answered

December 10, 2015

When it’s time to upgrade, where do you start? Begin by partnering with the Infor Alliance Partner … More >

Modern CIS for Nebraska Power

August 25, 2015

Today’s utilities are developing a vision for the future. Utility leaders are envisioning an environment that is efficient and built around an engaged consumer. Inflexible legacy systems cannot enable the utility of tomorrow.  More >

Transform HCM with Oracle’s Taleo Cloud

May 28, 2015

Join Ciber and our Oracle Healthcare guest panelists for this on-demand webinar, where we will discuss and demonstrate how Oracle’s Taleo Cloud Recruiting Platform can help transform your healthcare organization’s HR functions. More >

Road to the HR Cloud

May 20, 2015

Updating or replacing an outdated HR system—or even thinking about it—can be a difficult decision.  Join Ciber for this live webinar and we’ll teach you how to identify your HR priorities and IT landscape, and then plot a roadm… More >

Infor Lawson Upgrades: See What’s Next

April 16, 2015

In this Ciber Infor Lawson Upgrade on-demand webinar, we have invited Lisa Pope, Infor’s Senior Vice President of CloudS… More >

How to Build Your HR Scorecard

February 26, 2015

In Ciber's Infor HCM and Talent Management webinar, learn how to identify and use the metrics that are the most meaningful to your organization to help you make better HR and HCM decisions. More >

Build the Case for SAP HANA

January 29, 2015

This on-demand webinar with provide a guided approach to creating a business case to your company executives outlining why it is necessary to invest in a SAP HANA solution. More >

An Agile Guide to Continuous Delivery

December 11, 2014

This webinar will provide strategies based on Agile and the shift Continuous Delivery to mitigate and control the delivery risks associated with transformational projects.             &… More >

PeopleSoft UX—Real World Examples

December 10, 2014

In Ciber's on-demand webinar, you’ll learn what’s really possible for an intuitive PeopleSoft User Experience (UX), with real-world examples from current client projects.  More >

5 Steps to More Effective PPM

November 12, 2014

In this live webinar, you learn how to get better results and have a more effective PPM program.  More >