Retailers are confronted by a downturn in consumer spending, ever-tighter margins and increasing competition from both in store and online vendors. With consumers wanting to be able to browse, buy or return items anywhere, the challenge for retailers is to turn their multi-channel strategies into true cross channel execution to ensure a consistent customer experience.

Ciber helps retail clients serve consumers through innovative, multi-channel solutions which enhance consumer loyalty and increase profitability. Building upon the multi-channel environment, Ciber delivers a cross channel strategy with solutions that allow consumers to inquire, buy, receive or return using a choice of channels − while maintaining the integrity of store inventory and order visibility.

Ciber retail-specific solutions include fully integrated SAP solutions for retail that bring together enterprise management, business support, merchandising, supply chain planning and supply chain execution.

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Ciber Retail IT Expertise

Ciber’s combination of SAP expertise, customer focus, industry knowledge and talented consultants, allows us to deliver innovative retail solutions to achieve retail cross channel objectives.

  • Global SAP retail services with expertise across the complete SAP landscape
  • The first to implement SAP Retail when it was launched in 1996
  • Official SAP Special Expertise Retail partner
  • Winner of the “Most Satisfied Customers” award from SAP UKI for the second consecutive year (2010, 2011)
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