CIS consulting, IT consulting and CRM for the utilities and energy sectors.

Energy & Utilities

National energy policies, regulatory initiatives, environmental concerns, sustainability, new customer participation models and the drive for delivery infrastructure modernization all impact energy and utility organization business plans.

From Information Technology to Operating Technology

Ciber consults with energy and utility organizations that are seeing convergence – a movement toward integrating systems and enabling interoperability between information technology and operating technology. As an expert facilitating this trend, Ciber supports the creation of an energy and utilities platform for innovation through energy and utilities IT and CIS consulting, CRM and other services and solutions.

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Ciber Energy & Utilities Expertise

Ciber is results driven, expert at managing IT infrastructure and application development for energy and utility clients and has many managed services contracts that span multiple years.

Ciber's 20-year history as a global energy and utilities service provider is built on trust that has been earned in this industry. Ciber's energy and utilities business acumen has grown with the challenges faced by leaders in this industry. Ciber’s client focus sets us apart from the competition.

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