Manufacturing Execution

Manufacturing execution

Manufacturing organizations require sophisticated execution-system solutions for global markets that are rapidly shifting to a new model. You’ve got to be able to execute real-time physical processes and manage scheduling, performance and forecasting all at once. Even the landscape for manufacturing execution systems is shifting as vendors acquire and assimilate best-of-breed offerings. Future-looking systems need to be cloud enabled and completely accessible from mobile devices.

Achieve higher functionality

Manufacturers are looking for better ways to run and impact their business.

  • Improved quality
  • Improve visibility to plant operations
  • User-specific menus and content for user acceptance
  • Easy creation of manufacturing reports through easy access to multiple data sources
  • Comprehensive manufacturing analytics through correlation of ERP and shop-floor data
  • Improved work-in-process traceability and visibility
  • Enables plant-from-ERP local survivability
  • Responsive UI – supports PC, tablets, smartphone, industrial barcode scanners 

Ciber understands the need to move from disparate systems and centralize a comprehensive ERP process model. We offer a fast-track implementation model so that you’re seeing business impact more quickly than with competitor approaches. Some of the immediate benefits are:

  • Unlimited simulation and scenario comparisons
  • Real-time alerts, customizable analytics and constraint planning
  • Source data from any data source
  • Calculations at the base level 

Strong and proven manufacturing execution experience 

Ciber brings more than 20 years for manufacturing to manufacturing execution systems integration and manufacturing ERP implementations. As a global SAP partner, Ciber manufacturing clients leverage our extensive SAP skills, industry know-how and Ciber’s regulatory reporting expertise for manufacturing execution projects. Our experience with end-to-end SAP manufacturing-solution implementations and proven expertise with Hybris integration to SAP ERP help Ciber clients to outperform the competition. Ciber is also well-equipped to provide the right resources for hybrid IT organizational teams so that your project delivery is tailored to your needs. 

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