With over 250,00 companies and more than 4 million users, Microsoft Dynamics is helping run more enterprises than ever. Add Microsoft Office, productivity tools like Yammer and SharePoint, plus SQL and Exchange Server and you can see why Microsoft is the preferred technology of the global economy. The question remains, which Microsoft solutions are right for you? What do you need to compete in your industry? And how can you get the most value from your implementation?

Partner with a proven Microsoft expert

Selecting a Microsoft partner is probably the most important technology decision you will make. Ciber will scale perfectly to your needs, providing you with a right-sized team of consultants and developers. We have an active relationship with Microsoft enabling us to develop strategies and recommendations for a complete Microsoft solution for your enterprise. And we have the experience and resources to make sure you get a faultless implementation:

  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2005
  • Financial services, public sector, and not-for-profit industry expertise
  • Over 300 active Microsoft clients
  • Hundreds of thousands of seat deployments

Benefit from a clear Microsoft vision

Ciber has developed a distinct vision for how to integrate Microsoft solutions within the enterprise and identify where they can help you the most. We focus primarily on helping businesses with:

  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Cloud services and infrastructure modernization
  • Customer relationship management

Move forward with confidence

Take advantage of Ciber's financial services, public sector, and not-for-profit industry expertise. Ciber is a Microsoft partner that can take you into the future with certainty. Engage with Ciber today, and ensure you get the optimum Microsoft solution.

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