SAP HCM Transformation

The goal of any HR department is to attract, develop, retain and promote the right employees. But with more data about employees to parse than ever before, the role of HR has become more strategic as it relates to overall business goals and strategy. Their responsibilities have become more analytical, involved and specialized, requiring software that’s evolved far beyond the core functions of talent management.

To be successful, today’s HR departments need tools to help them manage many disparate moving parts, including employee learning, performance, payroll, succession, compensation, and workforce analytics. HR departments are looking for the next big thing in human capital management (HCM) software platforms that will allow them to seamlessly integrate their data to make it more accessible, configurable and informative.

Manage employees — and growing expectations

Ciber’s SAP HCM Transformation features a comprehensive and modularized human capital management solution containing on-premise and on-demand HCM software that can assist your team with planning and strategy, management consulting, migration and implementation, reporting and intelligence services, and full lifecycle-management services.

How Ciber can help

The benefits of Ciber’s SAP HCM Transformation solution are numerous and can instantly impact the way your HR team does business. It can help you:

  • Implement faster
  • Avoid hardware investment
  • Scale up efficiently
  • Enjoy better UI and UX
  • Manage a single vendor
  • Experience end-to-end cost visibility

The Ciber difference

At Ciber, our experience sets us apart. We have extensive global expertise to help you plan, map and implement the HCM solution that works best for you. Whether it’s on-premise, cloud-based or a hybrid solution, Ciber can integrate the HCM platform to work seamlessly with your ERP software, expertly guide you through the process and even train your team for successful adoption. Plus, we have more than 25 years of experience implementing SAP solutions for companies just like yours.


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