SAP Finance Transformation

Financial departments have the burden to improve the visibility of financial data across their organization, enabling an in-depth review into the latest transaction detail as needed so that leaders can provide senior decision makers the most strategic, complete and immediate information to run the business.

Better top-line management for better bottom-line results

Ciber’s SAP Finance Transformation can help companies mitigate risk and provide sophisticated and reliable data for business-planning purposes. Featuring solutions such as IT consulting, managed services and SOA web services, Ciber’s SAP Finance Transformation lets customers receive better service, shareholders see an improved bottom line, and regulatory bodies get the greater public transparency and accountability they demand.

Along with better customer retention and acquisition that can bolster long-term ROI, financial-services companies can also expect to:

  • Accelerate financial closing
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Reduce reconciliation efforts 

  • Enable new drill-down reporting 

  • Gain embedded BW reporting capabilities 

  • Enable new user experience and flexible front ends 

Ciber’s SAP Finance Transformation provides reliable insight

  • Reduces time for fast financial close
  • Answers complex financial questions in real time
  • Improves financial compliance 

  • Fast reporting performance

  • Boosts end-user productivity 

  • References one harmomized view of financial master data  

Ciber SAP experience

With more than 20 years of experience navigating financial regulatory requirements and business processes, Ciber’s expert consultants help you manage your risk to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your SAP Finance Transformation solution.