SAP B2C eCommerce for Retail

Businesses are always looking for better ways to connect with their customers. And while there’s no silver bullet in retail, B2C ecommerce has shown increasing promise to help retailers craft better customer experiences and realize bigger ROI. The key is finding a comprehensive, easy-to-implement solution that can help deliver a real-time, contextual and relevant one-to-one customer experience across all the available channels. 

Improve customer service and your bottom line

Ciber’s SAP B2C eCommerce for Retail template approach features a preconfigured and available Webshop solution that results in shorter project duration, lower project implementation costs and higher quality and reliability through proven processes. Our solution gives you the tools to transform every aspect of your business, including customer services, advanced personalization modules, predictive analytics and marketing campaign management, abandoned shopping carts, assisted selling and flash sales. 

Customize your customer engagement engine  

  • Enable customers to inquire, buy, receive or return using their choice channels
  • Collect and analyze your customer interactions across multiple channels
  • Access a single view of customer and consumer trends
  • Quickly segment customers based on all data
  • Create dynamic target groups
  • Interpret customer behavior with scoring and attributes
  • Develop personalized, cross-channel campaigns
  • Gain insight about known customers and unknown people in real time
  • Identify interests and create a 360° view of people in your ecosystem across all channels

Ciber is a SAP retail expert

As a Certified SAP Global Hosting Partner and Certified SAP Global Application Management Partner, Ciber is the industry leader in making SAP work for you. Our extensive expertise in retail with commercial and technological implementations of new SAP technologies — such as HANA, CAR, hybris, commerce and marketing, Fiori, Lumira and mobile apps — helps us stand out from the competition and ensures you stand above yours.