S4 HANA Transformation

No matter your industry, chances are your enterprise is inundated with more and more touchpoints, producing more and more data every day. You need a simple yet comprehensive way to aggregate and act upon that data to make decisions in real time, accelerate business performance and capitalize on new insights.

That’s where Ciber’s SAP S/4HANA Transformation business suite comes in. Designed to provide SAP clients with the HANA vision, strategic road map and HANA migration services to find the fastest and simplest ways to realize the innovations presented with S/4HANA, our solution helps your entire enterprise run more efficiently than ever before.

Simplify processes — amplify profits

Built on SAP’s advanced SAP HANA in-memory platform, SAP S/4HANA Transformation is the next-generation business suite that delivers a personalized user experience along with massive simplifications in adoption, data modeling, decision making and processes. It’s a truly innovative platform that:

  • Reduces TCO
  • Deploys high-performance applications based on in-memory technology
  • Enables easy business-process optimization
  • Offers a customized approach to give you a head start on your move to S/4 HANA

How Ciber can help

Ciber’s S/4Hana Transformation suite enables you to completely reimagine your company’s approach in two ways.

For business, S/4Hana allows you to:

  • Get accurate answers to any data question based on real-time insight
  • Dramatically simplify processes
  • Reinvent business models
  • Deliver new value to customers

For IT, S/4Hana empowers you to:

  • Reduce your data footprint and work with larger data sets in one system to lower TCO
  • Process massive volumes of data at high speed for real-time decision making
  • Drive advanced applications
  • Minimize training efforts while increasing productivity

The Ciber difference

No one else does SAP S/4HANA quite like Ciber. Our end-to-end process integration expertise and highly knowledgeable SAP HANA consultants act as your trusted advisor all along the way. We operate with a single goal in mind: to do our very best to help you evaluate, discover, prove and drive instant value with the S/4HANA innovation-ready platform.


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