Infor Workforce Management

Infor Workforce Management

Labor costs continue to rise and business leaders are constantly looking for ways to reduce expenses, increase customer retention and drive up revenue.  While executive leadership wants to hold business leaders accountable, it is often difficult due to a lack of centralized data and processes. 

Workforce Management is a key part of any human capital management framework for businesses today. By integrating workforce, talent and business data, organizations can achieve better decision making and be positioned to hold business leaders accountable.  An integrated Workforce Management solution is that tool that helps drive efficiencies, effectiveness and engagement.

Integration is key

Infor Workforce Management solutions provide you with the technology you need to automate scheduling, optimize workforce capacity and utilization while improving contractual and regulatory compliance.

Implementation Services: Learn how to improve efficiency and effectiveness with standardized processes and better access to labor statistics.  Achieve increased engagement and accountability across all departments.

Business Process Calibration: We’ll help you develop efficient processes and create a strategy for continuous improvement

Integrated Human Capital and Talent Strategies:  With decades of industry experience, we work with you to automate and integrate key workforce management tasks and data into your talent management programs and strategies. We’ll help you link workforce data to key operational metrics to drive better, more informed, decision making.

Optimize and inspire

Ciber’s implementation services complement the Infor Workforce Management solutions to help you transform front and back-office processes. This increases operational efficiency, improve organizational effectiveness and provides the desired outcomes and employee engagement levels.

The Ciber consulting team brings over two decades of change management expertise, talent management knowledge and strategic expertise to each implementation.  We work with you to design and implement the best solutions for your organization.  

Talk to a Pro

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