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Within many modern organizations, these questions might be all too common:

  • “Do we have the right people and the skills we need to grow?”
  • “Do we have the leaders we need today, and are we preparing the leaders we’ll need for tomorrow?”
  • “How does our organization engage employees for greater productivity?”
  • “How do we create sustainable engagement while simultaneously developing a rewarding work culture?”

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Many organizations undercut their ability to navigate the current talent management landscape by working with legacy systems that don’t offer much more than fragmented data collection and siloed reporting. With separate systems for hiring, employee performance, compensation and learning management, it’s often impossible for a company to gain an integrated view of individual employees, which is exactly what’s needed to identify gaps and opportunities. Even the best of these systems fall critically short when they fail to provide an actionable and holistic employee perspective.

As an increasingly competitive business landscape continues to drive today’s “war for talent,” human resources and company leadership need to proactively work toward a human capital management strategy that unites talent acquisition, management and optimization. The longer these endeavors remain isolated from one another, the greater the chance of a company developing a culture of worker disengagement and a lack of growth.

Talent management: more than making human resources easier

Talent management has become more than facilitating the practice areas of HR, payroll and benefits. In the modern workplace, human capital management solutions encompass a wide variety of responsibilities. From payroll and employee records to workforce planning and benefits administration, these resources often comprise a company’s ability to attract, retain and optimize its talent.

At Ciber, we’re helping organizations adopt integrated human capital management solutions that allow them to treat their talent — their individual employees — as vital assets with values that can be measured and optimized. The benefits are clear:

  • Experience topline revenue growth by leveraging collaborative, talent-driven learning, goal alignment, skills analysis, performance management and career development with unified processes
  • Optimize costs through an integrated solution that provides a single talent platform to power comprehensive and unified performance
  • Gain productivity with a talent management suite that’s designed from the ground up to deliver a unified approach to all your employee processes
  • Bolster risk management by implementing a human resources management system that manages equipment provided to a new hire, helps control an organization’s costs and ensures compliance with industry requirements

Ciber is an Infor human capital management implementation leader

Through our process-centric methodologies and industry-certified human resources practitioners, Ciber is ready to partner with your organization to help implement and connect new and existing management solutions. Ciber has the extensive knowledge necessary to implement modern human capital management solutions and take advantage of Infor technology. And with nearly two decades of leadership in change management, Ciber can make your management transition quick, efficient and rewarding.

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Diana Van Blaricom

A certified professional in Human Resources and Ciber’s Infor HCM Business Area Leader, Diana has nearly 30 years of HR/Payroll experience.