End-to-End SAP Manufacturing ERP

As manufacturers battle to stay competitive in the emerging global economy, they continue to walk a fine line to ensure that their production processes effectively reduce costs while still maintaining high-performance levels. That’s why the most successful manufacturing companies are focused on implementing improved software to better manage their operations with a holistic approach.

Increase productivity and improve results

Ciber’s SAP End-to-End Manufacturing ERP helps manufacturers move beyond their legacy systems to deliver increased production with enhanced manufacturing information systems that provide better visibility across the enterprise. You’ll get a comprehensive ERP process model that integrates Ciber best practices for manufacturing with automated testing along with fast-track implementation methodology that supports your customers from scoping to closing.

Apply industry best practices with Ciber’s SAP End-to-End Manufacturing solution 

  • Reduce implementation time and costs
  • Take advantage of more than 20 years of experience in sophisticated engineering
  • Integrate business models, including financial reporting and logistics transparency

Proven manufacturing expertise from Ciber

Ciber has more than four decades of experience leveraging an in-depth global understanding of manufacturing-specific application software along with the client focus to help you achieve high performance, operational insight and excellence. By always focusing on your results, our experts help ensure sustained success with your manufacturing initiatives today and beyond.


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