Ciber Retail Customer Data Hub

Retailers face mounting challenges to stay relevant with their core consumers in today’s dynamic business climate. Their target audiences have more freedom and more choices than ever before, so catering the buying experience to their personal preferences is paramount. Saddled with disparate systems and often possessing a keen lack of understanding of who their customers are and what channels they interact with, retailers need a unified system to help them develop a true 360-degree view of their customers that can help deliver better ROI.

Recognize customer journeys and realize company profits

Ciber’s Retail Customer Data Hub is a single system that helps retailers increase engagement by enabling a full view of each customer’s journey. Data Hub is a feature-rich CRM system that’s designed to consolidate, segment and analyze data from multiple sources, in real time, near-real time and offline. It offers:

  • Centralized customer database
  • Single view of the customer
  • Campaign and promotion management
  • Master data management
  • Clienteling
  • Customer analysis and reporting
  • Franchise management
  • Social media management

Strong benefits for retailers from Ciber

  • Build a 360-degree view of your customers
  • Identify how your customers shop with you and execute and manage campaigns and promotions to meet those needs
  • Segment and manage customer datasets
  • Analyze customer transactions across all channels to identify buying patterns and drive future sales
  • Capture customer interactions in one system
  • Have one view of customer transactions as well as calculated segmentation metrics, presented in an easily accessible CRM view
  • Better target-marketing information

Ciber's retail difference

Ciber features unrivaled experience in retail, including more than 30 years of ERP and CRM implementations. We’re recognized thought leaders in cloud innovation for retail, along with vast expertise in multitechnology business and project-lead systems integration. Most important, Ciber offers proven methodologies to meet agile demands, which means our experts ensure you get the right implementation right sized for your company’s changing needs.

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Udo Meyzis

Global Retail Practice Leader, is a trusted advisor for Ciber global retail clients, and brings deep industry expertise and strategic insight to SAP technology based engagements.