Ciber Momentum

How do you establish nimble IT that moves at the speed of business?

How do you perform a digital transformation without high risk?

How do you address escalating security and compliance concerns?

Build business-ready applications with Ciber Momentum

Ciber Momentum accelerates your digital transformation while mitigating the risk associated with large transformation programs. Ciber Momentum harvests deep intelligence about your legacy systems while generating the core infrastructure of your modernized future.

By automating and accelerating routine portions of the modernization process, Ciber Momentum empowers you to realize cost and time savings.  Automation is also the key to reducing risk. With low defect rates from reusable code and less manual work, there is less opportunity for error.

Legacy doesn’t just mean mainframe.  Ciber Momentum also supports distributed technologies like ASP, ASPX, C#, C++, Delphi Pascal, Java, Lotus Notes, MS Access, PL/SQL, REXX and VB6.  OpenVMS technologies like COBOL, DCL, and ISAM are also supported.  AS/400 coverage includes COBOL, RPG LE, RPG 400, CL, DB2, VSAM, DDS, CICS, and BMS.  Of course, mainframe coverage includes COBOL, JCL, DB2, VSAM, CICS, BMS, PL/I, and Natural.  See something missing?  Ask us how fast we can support it with our plug-in capabilities.

Move at the speed of business with Ciber Momentum

  • Our re-architecture capabilities allow you to re-imagine your future state architecture with micro-services, rules engines, messaging, and other modern concepts – not just change from one language or database to another
  • Ciber’s end-to-end approach doesn’t just mine understanding of your legacy systems, but extends all the way through source code generation for your target state architecture
  • Ciber Momentum creates high-quality maintainable source code with no vendor lock-ins or recurring license fees
  • Code generation is highly flexible to your specific requirements.  With pre-built templates on Java and C#/.NET platforms, we have the ability to support your enterprise architecture and technology standards.

Ciber Momentum is the difference maker for your application transformation

Avoid the traditional traps of manual rewrites and code translators. By using the unique Ciber Momentum method, Ciber will intelligently move the important aspects of your legacy systems onto the future technology platform that you specify. No other modernization provider delivers like Ciber.

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Brian Haskett

Vice President in Ciber’s Global Portfolio

Brian is an application consulting leader with more than 20 years experience in development, modernization, and operations.

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