Ciber Momentum

Ciber Momentum™ is a proprietary application modernization accelerator. The solution is driven by experts and enabled by unique technology which re-architects legacy applications to move at the speed of business. With Ciber Momentum, organizations can modernize their IT environment faster and with fewer specialized resources and less risk than traditional methods.

Move at the speed of business

Ciber Momentum application modernization is significantly faster and less expensive than what competitors offer. Faster schedules allow our clients to keep pace with changing business requirements. Ciber Momentum technology enables one developer to do the work of many, while achieving low defect rates from reusable code.

With Ciber you get a powerful and effective business platform:

  • Modernization Blueprint advisory services help you build a case, get executive buy-in and plan your application transformation.
  • Our re-architecture capabilities allow you to re-imagine your future state architecture with micro-services, rules engines, messaging, and other modern concepts – not just change from one language or database to another.
  • Ciber’s end-to-end approach doesn’t just mine understanding of your legacy systems, but extends all the way through source code generation for your target state architecture.
  • Ciber Momentum creates high-quality maintainable source code with no vendor lock-ins or recurring license fees.
  • With pre-built templates on Java and C#/.NET platforms, we have the ability to support your enterprise architecture and technology standards.

Ciber is a modernization innovator

Ciber’s approach provides the long-term foundation to build your next generation of business services. The Ciber Momentum team has applied their unique talent to client modernization projects in the public sector, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, nonprofit, and manufacturing industries. Our gamechanging Ciber Momentum transformation accelerator, application modernization skills, and user experience, cloud and mobile application enablement all make Ciber the modernization provider that can give your organization a competitive advantage.

Our 40+ years of enterprise application development and support experience coupled with state of the art legacy analysis and generation tools provide an unmatched business acceleration solution. By adapting your systems to respond to today’s growing business needs, Ciber can help you gain a distinct competitive advantage.