Ciber HANAlytics

You have more information to parse than ever before. And yet, time is your most valuable commodity. That’s why you need to rely on Ciber’s SAP Hana Analytics solution to help you analyze your business operations, and the resulting volumes of detailed information, in real-time on any device.

Ciber’s SAP Hana Analytics solution, based on in-memory technology, provides a more efficient way to process huge volumes of data by retaining data directly in the internal memory (RAM) in rows and columns. That means it eliminates traditional, slow processes (from hard disc at time of processing) while allowing huge volumes of data to be processed and analyzed in milliseconds. With these efficiency gains, SAP Hana can also help you unlock new insights and predict issues before they occur.

Save more time and make more money

In today’s fast-paced business environment, saving time is a distinct competitive advantage and a direct boon to your bottom line. Our highly knowledgeable SAP HANA team uses prebuilt testing and demonstration environments to show you the best ways to evaluate, implement and manage SAP HANA. You’ll discover:

  • Innovations in existing and new areas of business processes – Explore how analysis, powered by SAP HANA, can identify how to achieve new competitive advantages via new business processes.
  • Performance advantages – Go beyond pure analysis of large volumes of data and let HANA speed up your critical business processes.

How it can help

SAP Hana Analytics lets you increase efficiency across your enterprise while being more effective than ever before. We’ll help you:

  • Provide the right information to support decision-making
  • Generate actionable data out of any kind of data pool
  • Support numerous business scenarios, including finance, logistics, CRM and supply chain
  • Implement aggregated KPIs
  • Visualize information via attractive dashboards and SAP BusinessObjects 4.2
  • Publish reporting results on any channel
  • Differentiate customer type based on industry and business-intelligence maturity

The Ciber difference

Ciber has more than 26 years of experience helping our partners implement SAP products, which means we’re experts in supporting your business processes in any SAP system. Whether extracting information from transactional systems or presentating results in reports or dashboards, your company’s business outcomes and bottom line will directly benefit from the technical expertise of Ciber’s consultants.