Ciber Customer Service Suite for Utilities

Today’s most successful utility organizations understand one thing above all else: consumer-focused models work the best. So when it comes time to update their legacy customer-service systems, they need to consider the customer relative to traditional factors like potential risk, time-to-value and possible ROI. This forward-thinking approach helps utilities see the need for a more connected customer-service technology that helps mitigate risk while lowering costs.

Ciber’s Customer Service Suite for Utilities is that technology. It provides a streamlined, configurable toolset with integrated components, including essential applications, advanced reporting and analytics that comprise one of the most complete utilities customer-service offerings available today.

See more results and lower costs — fast

Ciber’s Customer Service Suite for Utilities helps you quickly move beyond your legacy systems and disparate financial, billing and customer-service technologies. In their place, you get a proven solution that’s been packaged and integrated to facilitate a more customer-driven operation.

At its core, Ciber’s Customer Service Suite for Utilities helps impact your business by:

  • Providing utilities with the SAP CR&B (Customer Relations and Billing) solution at a reduced cost and shorter implementation timeline while reducing risk
  • Delivering a live, integrated system to validate business processes and functionality
  • Improving customer-service functions for more intuitive and user-friendly interaction with customers

How Ciber can help

Stop wondering how you can improve and start seeing better customer service immediately. Ciber’s Customer Service Suite for Utilities can help your company:

  • Replace outdated and disparate CIS systems
  • Remove costly legacy platforms
  • Implement modern customer-service capabilities
  • Achieve a single, unified ERP/CIS platform
  • Enable a platform supporting growth through acquisition
  • Deliver advanced metering infrastructure and advanced rate capabilities

The Ciber difference

The old adage is still true: there truly is no substitute for experience. Ciber’s dedicated team boasts 20+ years of SAP global energy and utilities service. With the Customer Service Suite for Utilities built on SAP technology, you get a proven, timely implementation process with less risk and lower costs.


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