Ciber Analytics

Businesses today have more touch points with their consumers than ever before. As a result, they have more data to process than ever before. Conventional data integration solutions are significantly increasing in cost, scope and complexity. That’s why companies need a solution that can enable their organization to collect, process and distribute more data in less time, with fewer resources and at a lower cost.

Deeper insights and lower costs

Ciber Analytics helps you take a holistic view of your enterprise’s data capture, management and discovery requirements. With algorithms for critical data transformations and a self-tuning ETL optimizer, Ciber Analytics makes it easy for you to tackle even the most demanding data-integration jobs. Our solution has become the standard ETL solution for organizations that seek optimal levels of performance, efficiency and productivity while reducing costs.

Ciber Analytics is designed to:

  • Offload data and workloads from expensive data warehouses 

  • Optimize ETL and data warehouse processing 

  • Accelerate sort and batch data processing 

  • Migrate data associated with mainframe application modernization projects 

  • Optimize cloud data integration 

Ciber Analytics delivers benefits 

  • Process data 10 times faster than other data-integration solutions 

  • Easily scale to support growing data volumes 

  • Eliminate manual coding and performance tuning 

  • Lower data integration TCO by up to 65 percent 

Ciber brings a strategic focus to enterprise information management

Our proven approach to enterprise information-management implementations is focused on each customer's needs. We focus on producing highly scalable solutions that can help you overcome risks and hurdles. The end result is a performance-driven data process put into place fast that allows your company to realize immediate benefits.

Talk to a Pro

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