Application Modernization

Innovation begins with business-ready applications. If your budget and resources are consumed by running old systems, you’re not keeping pace with the needs of today’s business. And you’re definitely not going to be able to innovate while running ineffective technology on old platforms.

Ciber Momentum is the application modernization solution that helps you finally transform – whether you need to enable your cloud roadmap, provide a positive user experience, or deliver mobile access for employees, partners and customers. Your modernized applications will meet compliance and security requirements and reduce business risk.

Free up what you’re spending to maintain old systems. Why wait for an 18 month ROI on your modernization projects? There’s a better way.

Ciber Momentum doesn’t rely on an army of expensive programmers that can contribute to risk and poor quality. Ciber doesn’t do a like-for-like translation which can shackle application update projects to old procedural flow and architecture.

Instead, Ciber Momentum is powered by proprietary technology that accelerates application re-platforming with automation at key points in the process. Ciber Momentum accesses essential business processes in legacy technology and adapts to future state technology.

Ciber Momentum also means application modernization expertise and an approach that stands apart from other providers

Ciber helps clients assess, create, and manage applications so that it’s easier to get things done – with agility and speed. Business becomes more responsive, processes flow more seamlessly, users have the access they need, and customers can engage completely. And profits rise. That’s transformation. That’s what Ciber does.

The Ciber Momentum team has applied their unique talent to client modernization projects for public sector, hospitality, non-profit, financial services and manufacturers. Our game-changing Ciber Momentum solution, application modernization insight, and user experience, cloud and mobile application enablement all make Ciber the modernization provider that can give your organization an advantage over the competition.