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Ciber Leadership

“Using innovative technology to help your company reach new heights is how we help each of our clients transform their business.”

Michael Boustridge
Chief Executive Officer

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Partnerships With Industry Leaders

Ciber has been an Infor partner for more than two decades. We are Infor’s top upgrade Alliance partner, completing more than half of the partner-led 10x Upgrade implementations. Our Infor experts have clocked more than two million consulting hours for clients in healthcare, the public sector, K–12 education, manufacturing, retail and financial services.

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Selecting a Microsoft partner is probably the most important technology decision you will make. Ciber will scale perfectly to your needs, providing you with a right-sized team of consultants and developers. We have an active relationship with Microsoft enabling us to develop strategies and recommendations for a complete Microsoft solution for your enterprise.

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Since 1990, we have helped more than 1,000 clients, in more than 2,000 separate engagements, leverage their Oracle applications. We’ve received numerous awards including Oracle's Outstanding Implementation Innovation Award and attained one of the highest membership levels in Oracle’s partner program for system integrators.

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With Ciber’s Salesforce offerings, we help your organization increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. We will help you strategize the best way to develop and deploy your applications. Our cloud services will provide you with solutions that help you focus your attention on your business needs and increase the speed of deploying applications that help grow your business.

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When SAP is utilized to its full potential, organizations around the goal can boost productivity, streamline operations, and work together more efficiently. An effective SAP partner will help you gain the maximum value from your investment, keep you constantly on the cutting edge of SAP offerings, and provide you with all the expertise you need to keep your systems operating at full performance.

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