Managed Services

IT departments face a constant influx of new challenges, from acquisition and merging of business units and new regulatory requirements to shorter product lifecycle and increasing competition. But their ability to respond efficiently is often limited by technical workloads, subject expertise and budget-related restrictions, causing delays and implementation shortfalls. Not being able to appropriately address these challenges can stunt growth for the business and dramatically impact the bottom line. That’s why many companies are looking for an IT Managed Services partner that can provide cost savings while delivering value and driving innovation and transformation for the IT team. 

With Ciber Managed Services, you are free to innovate

With a managed-services engagement, Ciber delivers objective, data-driven analysis in real-time with the Ciber SmartVision™. This simple and intuitive tool allows you to quickly and easily examine the data to find real-time causes for an issue and then just as quickly roll the data back up for a high-level dashboard view. This kind of quantitative and informed decision-making moves the focus from just managing to creating a strategic advantage for your business.

Ciber also helps you optimize your current business processes so you can effectively address both current and future challenges. Ciber uses “accelerators” to drive your managed-services engagement and effectively reach business goals. 

  • Optimized delivery model – Captures information that is used for validation and/or discovery sessions.
  • Workflow definition – Provides a great way to challenge the approach to the current workflow. This three-step process is proven to change the thought process of how work is handled, with an emphasis on becoming proactive and predictable.
  • Continuous improvement plan – Infuses steps at regular intervals that create opportunities to review and analyze the current way initiatives are advanced and make improvement suggestions.
  • Seamless delivery plan – Details the process of how IT collaborates with on-premise and remote teams.
  • Metrics management plan – Focuses on specific metrics for improving work process, flow and results.

Transform your business

With more than 35 years of IT Managed Services experience, Ciber has the proven expertise and applied knowledge to transform your IT workforce. A Ciber Managed Services solution delivers the typical cost savings that are produced through implementation of features like globalization, process efficiency and productivity. But, we don’t stop there. Ciber continues to add value and produce cost savings with a total-cost-of-ownership approach, creating an additional 20%–40% savings by focusing on optimization, transformation, flexibility and continuous improvement. This dedication to repeatable, quantifiable results helps you address your top business and IT initiatives in tandem.