Customer Engagement and Commerce

Customer engagement and commerce

Customers are in control. More than ever, it is up to the enterprise to redefine customer engagement according to behavioral cues observed in buying environments. Who makes purchasing decisions and how? What factors influence customers, whether purchases are impulsive and transactional or the result of a lengthy and extensively researched buying cycle? Once acquired, customer relationships need to be nurtured over time for ongoing lifetime value.

At the heart of the business transaction is an agreement. Industries that understand this exchange best are retail, manufacturing, healthcare, financial and even education, nonprofit and public sector. To compete for mindshare and ultimately share of wallet, customer engagement needs to be more strategic than ever.

Respond to market insight

Ciber offers powerful technology solutions for customer engagement that also require the business acumen to understand the human side of the equation. Whether it is CRM that is customized to the particular needs of an industry or retail-focused technology that enables omnichannel engagement, solutions can be complex. Ciber can manage the breadth, depth and business case for customer-engagement and commerce-solution implementations so that your investments are engineered for the highest return.

Ciber Customer Engagement and Commerce solutions include:

  • CRM implementations that include functionality for specific audiences and accelerators that speed up your project and allow you to extend impact to content-management and marketing programs
  • Sophisticated SAP solutions that take advantage of powerful customer activity
  • Repository and HANA technology features, so you get real-time customer insight
  • Technology reporting hubs that give you a 360-degree view of your customer

Ciber Customer Engagement and Commerce expertise

Ciber features unrivaled experience in customer engagement and commerce, including more than 30 years of ERP and CRM implementations. With our deep understanding of SAP and Microsoft technologies, we understand how to get the functionality that helps you meet business objectives. Most important, Ciber offers proven methodologies to meet agile demands, which means our experts ensure you get the right implementation at the right size for your company’s changing needs. 

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