With elegant and flexible systems in place, you can realize cost and efficiency benefits that drive competitive advantage. For decades, Infor has pushed the boundaries of enterprise software to help organizations innovate. Ciber has been key to Infor’s success and is committed to providing our clients with the best possible Infor strategy, management and deployment.

Ciber looks beyond the technology

As your Infor partner, and public sector, healthcare, manufacturing and K-12 education experts, Ciber will first look at your business goals. We’ll understand the drivers and explore the outcomes you seek. Knowing this is key to not only providing you with an Infor solution that matches your needs, but it also enables you to get the most out of your technology. Specifically, we will be an active and collaborative partner in helping you with:

  • Full implementation and project management
  • Application, upgrade, integration, security, and migration
  • On-going management of the application and technology layers
  • Hardware – including servers, storage, and mobility

A proven Infor track record

Ciber has been an Infor partner for over two decades. We are Infor’s top upgrade Alliance partner completing more than half of the partner-led 10x Upgrade implementations. Our Infor experts have clocked more than 2 million consulting hours for clients in healthcare, public sector, K-12 education, manufacturing, retail and financial services. For each and every one, Ciber is able to deliver value with existing and new Infor products.

Move forward with confidence

Whether you are looking to enhance your capabilities and provide new tools for your company, manage your existing software better, or wish to implement new technology as seamlessly as possible, Ciber is the Infor partner that can take you into the future with certainty. Engage with Ciber today, and ensure you get the optimum Infor solution.

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