Retail and Consumer Products

The retail environment has now become the real-time environment. And this insatiable appetite for instant gratification and always-on service is not limited to the customer. Investors, regulators, employees, partners, and suppliers also demand that the organization react to their demands in the blink of an eye. Ciber understands that services for transforming customer engagement with real-time retail insight are a must-have for the modern retailer.

A retail roadmap for innovation

At Ciber, we give our retail customers a competitive advantage by providing solutions and services to help them manage their business more efficiently and profitably:

  • Ciber End-to-End Retail implementation helps retailers to make use of templates and best practices to accelerate IS Retail deployment
  • Ciber real-time customer insight addresses retail-specific-use cases such as heat maps, inventory visibility and more, which are deployed rapidly via our preconfigured templates
  • Ciber Analytics has become the standard solution for organizations that seek optimal levels of performance, efficiency and productivity while reducing costs
  • Ciber Distributed Agile Custom Development is a model of collaborating in distributed teams, seamlessly integrating teams across geographies and making smaller offshore teams more efficient
  • Ciber Enterprise Content Management offers enhanced ways to store, retrieve and collaborate unstructured content like documents, images and email
  • Ciber Momentum helps you rapidly re-platform your legacy system to Java or .NET using a model and template-driven code generator, enabling one developer to complete the work of many

Ciber retail experts engage the right partners in retail

  • SAP platforms for governance, ecommerce, human resources and financial management
  • IS Retail combined with the innovative HANA, CAR solution packages
  • Salesforce CRM implementation of the class-leading solution for delivering exceptional customer service and sales
  • Infor implementations and upgrades for the leading resource-management solutions

Ciber is focused on the retail market and how you can best create a competitive advantage. We offer our expertise, resources and innovation to enable solutions that are sympathetic to your mission, sensitive to your budget and complimentary to your operations. We act as a trusted advisor and partner to hundreds of institutions, companies and organizations throughout the world. Engage with Ciber today and experience the difference.

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