Energy and Utilities

It’s the end of the line for single, top-down energy giants acting as the sole power provider for entire markets. New technology, alternative power sources, deregulation and empowered customers are reshaping the energy landscape and redefining the role of the power company. Utilities are recasting themselves with a new focus on service and innovative features. They are now in partnership with the consumer to develop custom energy plans for each and every power user. Smart meters and smart grids create a seismic shift in energy management and flexibility, and the very nature of power generation and storage is changing daily. Winners are adapting rapidly and harnessing technology to manage the data that is powering this revolution.

Ciber’s provides energy and utility organizations a platform for innovation

A comprehensive technology solution that enables clients to take full advantage of disruption is here and ready to be deployed today. It has none of the constraints imposed by traditional business systems but has the functionality needed for organizations to focus on differentiating through innovation in customer engagement, pricing and billing. It creates a competitive edge while providing back-office business processes that are robust, scalable and compliant.

Ciber offers a complete environment as a managed service — cloud-based at a very competitive cost-to-serve per customer per month. It’s a scalable solution that has no impact on legacy — you can select the services needed and stay future-ready with a low cost and short time to market.

It has been created to meet the expanding requirements of:

  • Utility retail companies that need to offer dynamic pricing, real-time billing, non-energy billing and meet new transparency standards
  • Utility grid companies that need to incorporate new sustainable power sources and deal with the supply and delivery challenges they present
  • Innovative new power managers, such as mobility providers, who need to develop original billing models and pricing structures for a new class of power user 

Our solution is designed to make your organization more effective, transparent and responsive. Ciber has decades of experience in the energy sector and will handpick a team of professionals to create a solution that perfectly matches your requirements and situation.

As you manage change, it’s vital to have a dependable and effective partner by your side. Engage with Ciber and we will not only help you transform your company, we’ll also help you change the industry.

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