Ciber Utility-in-a-Box

While dealing with constantly changing regulations and customer demand, utility companies today are looking for ways to capitalize on sustainability and distributed energy resources (DER) like rooftop solar, micro CHP and wind. They want to move away from being too internally focused and embrace a more holistic view of their customers and where the energy market is going. Knowing their existing processes and IT solutions are outdated and inefficient, their goal is to transform their organizations in the most cost-effective way possible.

Simplified processes. Expanded innovation.

Ciber Utility-in-a-Box is a cloud-based solution that delivers robust, scalable and compliant backoffice business processes that help you focus on customer engagement, pricing and billing to drive your competitive edge. Because it’s designed to be scalable and flexible, you’re able to select services as needed and stay future ready without spending beyond your budget. Ciber Utility-in-a-Box lets you invoice customers based on their actual or contracted consumption and production volumes, recurring or one-off subscription fees all rated against fixed or dynamic prices to facilitate demand-response mechanisms. In short, it helps you simplify your processes so you can stay focused on your customers.

How it can help
Ciber Utility-in-a-Box is as powerful as it is streamlined, giving your company a competitive advantage because it helps you to:

  • Adhere to open standards
  • Focus on being fully customer and product-proposition driven
  • Link to your digital environment
  • Differentiate from your competitors with simplified processes and by putting demand-response offerings into practice
  • Cherry-pick the services that you really need
  • Maintain a high-volume billing engine
  • Remain fully complaint to market models and regulatory requirements
  • Operate at significantly lower costs compared to your competitors

The Ciber difference

Ciber features a proud 20-year history as a global energy and utilities service provider. In that time, we’ve built our reputation on trust in always doing what’s best for our customers. No matter the challenges we’ve faced, we’ve leveraged our energy and utilities business acumen to conquer them with innovative approaches and proven solutions. Simply stated, Ciber’s client focus sets us apart from the competition.

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