_Archived 2016

Ciber Local Government 360

The goal of any government agency is to reduce red tape and increase operational efficiency. But faced with ever-dwindling resources, local government agencies are under relentless pressure to deliver much more to their customers and communities. They need a way to better manage their citizens’ critical data while also providing holistic customer insight so authorities can understand demand, consumption and performance of services offered.

Centralize information and transform operations

Ciber Local Government 360 streamlines business processes and integrates to multiple lines of business systems while offering a "single-citizen view," thereby eliminating redundancies and reducing waste. And because it integrates Microsoft CRM, Ciber Local Government provides agencies with easy access to citizen registration information and workflows for routing requests and related processes. In short, Ciber Local Government can dramatically improve efficiency, enhance customer service and reduce costs.

Ciber Local Government 360 solution has positive impact

  • Improve customer/citizen experience
  • Enable genuine digital transformation of services
  • Enjoy a single view of all citizen data
  • Deliver consistently across multiple channels
  • Streamline management of service requests
  • Integrate data and processes with backoffice systems
  • Enact strong customer insights and comprehensive business intelligence

The Ciber public sector difference

As always, the Ciber difference lies in the depth and breadth of our experience. We have a 40-year history of helping government organizations operate more efficiently to better serve their constituents. Our proven track record in implementing effective solutions, our ability to solve major pain points for local authorities and the confidence they get from the repeatability of our solutions means Ciber stands above its competitors in generating predictable results for our clients.