_Archived 2016

Ciber Fundraising and Donor Management

In the face of dynamic economic pressures, constant shifts in government regulation, and varied patterns of giving, the climate for charitable funding and donations continues to be volatile. Knowing most charities receive the majority of their income through multiple channels of mass fundraising to the public and businesses, nnoprofit organizations need a robust, modern solution that provides a "single-supporter view" along with key functionality such as income processing. 

Raise the bar for fundraising management

Ciber Fundraising and Donor Management is a customer-relationship management solution that can supercharge your key fundraising activities, including supporter management and marketing, fundraising campaigns, donation-income processing (with integration to payment systems), events, membership, legacies/estates, data analysis, process streamlining and self-service. 

It can maximize your fundraising activities by letting you:

  • Manage relationships with donors and supporters more effectively
  • Utilize financial-management and project-costing solutions to help make your operations more efficient
  • Enable better interaction among donors, supporters, employees and partners by using websites and collaboration solutions

Ciber's Fundraising and Donor Management solution can transform your fundraising approach

  • Integrate natively with Dynamics CRM
  • Run everything through a single productivity solution
  • Operate more efficiently with an easy-to-use interface
  • Get consumers up and running quickly with easy adoption
  • Avoid separate logins
  • Track activities in CRM
  • Use CRM task management in Outlook

Ciber understands the nonprofit landscape

With more than 10 years of experience delivering similar solutions worldwide, Ciber’s Fundraising and Donor Management solution is unique in the market. No, really. There aren’t any comparable Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions out there. When you couple that fact with our thorough understanding of the issues facing charities and our innate ability to speak your language, Ciber becomes the clear partner to help you implement the ideal functional fit for your NFP solution.