SAP HANA enables organizations to analyze business operations based on large volumes of detailed information in real-time. This provides an approach to unlock new insights and predict issues before they occur. SAP HANA, based on In-Memory technology, retains data directly in the internal memory (RAM) in rows and columns. This means there is no need to gather this data through traditional slow processes (from hard disc at time of processing). Huge volumes of data can be processed and analyzed in milliseconds through this method. This provides an approach to overcome data bottlenecks and opens up new possibilities and advantages that organisations should now be considering.

Working with our clients to explore SAP HANA.

As an innovative IT Provider, Ciber recognizes the technological quantum leap and opportunities presented with SAP HANA. With our highly knowledgeable SAP HANA teams, plus pre-built testing and demonstration environments, we work with our clients to evaluate, implement and manage SAP HANA. Ciber’s Global HANA teams explore the use of HANA in a number of areas:

  • SAP HANA innovations in existing and new areas of business processes - We explore how the results of analysis, powered by SAP HANA, can be developed into new business processes and identify how new competitive advantages can be achieved.
  • SAP HANA performance advantages - We develop HANA to go beyond pure analysis of large volumes of data, towards speeding up critical business processes and realize the additional performance benefits from the high processing speed of HANA.

Ciber SAP HANA Services.

As a full SAP Service Partner, Ciber's end-to-end SAP HANA Services include:

SAP HANA implementation: this comprises all implementation services from requirements gathering to go-live support and continuous business improvement. For Ciber, it is essential to understand the unique business requirements and existing pain points of our clients and map the HANA implementation scenario to it. We have a proven implementation methodology that follows the plan-build-run approach. Each phase has defined work packages, deliverables and quality gates.

Ciber Hosted - SAP HANA solutions: this service is geared towards clients who want to leverage all the benefits from SAP HANA without having to worry about hardware, software or operations. Depending on your current implementation scenario and future SAP HANA roadmap, we custom-fit subscription models that cover everything from hardware and software investments, implementation, and on-going maintenance, support and enhancements. The SAP HANA system is hosted through Ciber - enabling you to focus on your business and let us take care of all IT aspects around SAP HANA.

Ciber's comprehensive range of SAP HANA services, BI expertise and best practice procedures helps clients to rapidly implement SAP HANA:

  • BI / HANA roadmap: developing a strategy for the future and illustrating the steps to ensure arrival.
  • Proof of Concept: taking a real client scenario and implementing it within weeks to showcase feasibility. This can be done at a client site or via the Ciber demonstration environment.
  • Implementation of productive HANA environments: full blown reporting / planning scenarios and BW on HANA database migrations.