Ciber Momentum

Business is more dynamic, with more moving parts, than ever before. Companies that are able to adapt their systems to respond to business needs have a distinct competitive advantage. But organizations that are saddled with legacy systems not only struggle to keep up but they’re also likely to find themselves on the fringe of relevance. Mission-critical systems reflect the business processes they enable, so job one is to modernize to more nimbly allow market innovation and speed.

Build business-ready applications with Ciber Momentum

Ciber Momentum is an application-transformation technology that accelerates the re-architecture of your legacy systems. With capabilities to move from a diverse set of legacy technologies, Ciber Momentum harvests deep intelligence about your legacy systems while generating the core infrastructure of your modernized future. By automating and accelerating routine portions of the modernization process, Ciber Momentum empowers you to realize enormous cost and time savings, along with low defect rates from reusable code.

Move at the speed of business with Ciber Momentum

  • Mine understanding of your legacy systems to better focus your investments
  • Generate source code based on your specified technology target
  • Create high-quality maintainable source code with no vendor lock-ins or recurring license fees
  • Modernize your workforce
  • Reduce operating expenses by enabling platform consolidation
  • Fully support modern architecture – from cloud, micro-services and SOA to mobile and rules engines
  • Head off regression errors with automated test-case generation

Ciber Momentum is the difference maker for your application transformation

Avoid the traditional traps of manual rewrites and code translators. By using the unique Ciber Momentum method, Ciber will intelligently move the important aspects of your legacy systems onto the future technology platform that you specify. No other modernization provider delivers like Ciber.